Quality and Safety

Being aware that quality and safety are critical factors in the field of the materials that we manufacture, all our products are designed, manufactured and tested in strict accordance with all regulations applicable to them, responding to the requirements of each country for which they are intended.
Featuring advanced testing equipment and ensuring a constant supervision over the entire production process, we can guarantee the quality of our products from conception to use.
In addition to the rigorous internal Quality Control, our products and production processes are systematically subjected to audits by independent entities accredited for this purpose.


All the environmental processes are systematically identified, controlled and monitored so as to ensure continuous improvement of the environmental performance of IHT.
In order to promote environmental issues within the community, we encourage our employees, suppliers and customers to implement the daily practices of the company in their everyday lives.
Send us all your questions relating to the environment, whether or not related to the company, using the email address:


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