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  • Urbanization with composite decking
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CDECK is a range of innovative products that results from several years of research and development of composite materials for high performance.

Designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, the CDECK composite is the ideal solution for outdoor decks, both in residential and commercial areas, including balconies, gardens, pools, terraces, marinas, etc..

In addition to its great strength and durability, this is a product of high aesthetic value that goes well with different architectural styles.

Being made in Portugal and respecting high standards of quality and environmental standards, it is distinguished by the ease in assembly and the advantages of its floating fixture system. 

Thanks to its high compression, the CDECK composite is very robust and scratch-resistant. The compact or cellular rulers guarantee high mechanical performance even after several years of weathering.

The CDECK composite is free of knots and splinters, and its texture prevents slipping, even with the deck wet, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant on the feet, requiring no special protective varnishes or similar products.

The CDECK composite is easy to install and maintain. Its patented fixture system offers a number of additional advantages because it is floating, easy to install and allows the individual opening of all the rulers, for access to the area below for whichever need.

The CDECK composite has other important characteristics: it is attractive, modern and innovative, its application possibilities are limitless and its range of colours (Bege-Beechwood, Bege-Pink, Redwood, Chocolate, Grey and Black) gives your exterior flooring unmatched comfort and value.

The CDECK combines aesthetics, resistance and durability with ease of installation and maintenance.

Advantages when compared to wood

  • High resistance to weathering and atmospheric agents, including UV radiation, therefore it does not deteriorate.
  • High resistance to fungi, insects, termites and other biological agents.
  • Increased resistance to humidity, therefore it does not rot.
  • Free from knots and splinters, thus being more comfortable for the feet.
  • Easy maintenance: does not require treatment with oils or other products.
  • High resistance to slipping, even with wet floor.
  • It is made with wood from sustainable and renewable forests, being 100% recyclable.
  • Does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
  • It is the ideal alternative to exotic woods, thus contributing to the reduction of deforestation of tropical forests like the Amazon.

Advantages when compared to other composites

  • Very hard, which makes it highly scratch-resistant.
  • Low dimensional variation from temperature/humidity.
  • Patented floating fixture system, which ensures the mechanical integrity of the CDECK over time, eliminating the risk of warping.
  • Patented quick fixture system (does not require screws), which is much faster, easier and cheaper to install and allows for easy disassembly/reassembly for possible interventions.
  • - Slatted support of the Deck in PVC instead of wood or other composites, which ensures immunity of the deck even in the case of undesirable accumulation of water on the ground underneath it, seeing as the PVC experiences no dimensional changes due to humidity variations.

Initial maintenance

During installation, dust is usually produced, so we recommend that the deck be thoroughly cleaned with water, a mild detergent and a soft brush. You can use a garden hose or a high-pressure apparatus (at a minimum distance of 30cm and a maximum pressure of 100bar), always washing the rulers in the direction of the grooves.

General Information

The CDECK composite is easy to maintain. However, that does not mean that it should be cleaned regularly.

As with any wood, plastic, stone, etc. coating, signs of moss may also appear on the CDECK when extreme factors are combined, particularly in environments with a lot of humidity, reduced exposure to sunlight and where there is a tendency for the accumulation of large quantities of dust. To clean the rulers, use a chlorine solution (with a little bleach).

The CDECK is a semi-natural product, so variations in colour and texture are likely to occur over time. During the first few months after installation outdoors, the colour will change gradually until it stabilizes. The final colour of the rulers take on a lighter and more natural shade than the original colour, due to the absorption of water by the wood fibres. Once stabilized, the colour and texture will remain virtually unchanged.

After installation, you should avoid moving heavy and/or sharp objects over the rulers. If such occurs, scratches may appear. However, these tend to disappear with the colour stabilization on the scratched areas.

In the case of smudges or stains caused by products spilling over the rulers, act immediately in order to minimize the absorption of the products by the wood fibres, by washing the rulers with a chlorine solution and scrubbing with a brush in the direction of the grooves. If you cannot remove stains or smudges through this process, you can brush the rulers with a wire brush. This action will cause a change of colour in the scrubbed area, which will disappear with the stabilization of the colour.

Under certain conditions, static electricity may de produced. This is a natural phenomenon which occurs due to the fact that the CDECK contains thermoplastic. However, it tends to disappear with the stabilization of the texture.


Please position your equipment horizontally!